Services That Are Provided By Us

We provide, technical Support such as airworthiness standards, runs courses for pilots and a host of other services, providing the infrastructure within which hang gliding thrive. We’re experts at bringing together pilots and wings.


We Provide you lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure.


We have best and safe para gliding motors which gives you the best experience of Paragliding.


Safety is priority. Our experienced person provide all the instructions and guidelines for safe hang gliding.

Best Services By The Experts Having 30+ Years Of Intensive Experience

Safety Contract

Our customers get signed in a contract of safety. that says if any accident occurs we are not liable to pay customers.


We offer tandem paragliding where two people can easily fly at the same time under one tandem-sized wing.


We make a range of hang gliding harnesses suitable for dune soaring through to our top of the range.

Years Of Experience
Experienced Trainers
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Why Choose Us

We have a team of experts delivering their services in more than 10+ countries. With leading facilities, skills and innovations, we are better in providing hang gliding services than anyone else.

10+ Countries

We have numerous
experts available in
10+ countries.

Skilled Trainer

Our trainers are highly experienced and

Emergency Units

We provide care if there
is an injury while using hang gliding.


Provide all type of services which our tourist member
use to love.